Mob: Creeper

Creepers are Minecraft’s most familiar hostile mob.  Creepers emit no sound until they are close to a player, hearing a “hiss” noise, which is the lighting of the T-N-T fuse within.  The creeper will explode within 1-2 seconds and can cause damage (death to an un-armored player.)  to the surrounding blocks.


Creeper approaching a player at the beach.

Once a player is within 16 blocks of a creeper, it will start approaching the player; if your not facing the creeper…you’ll know it’s there when you hear the hiss….
  • Drops – Creepers will drop 0-2 gun-powder when killed, if killed by a skeleton arrow, a music disc can also be dropped.
  • Ocelots (Cats) – Creepers will avoid ocelots whenever possible, if a player is with or near an ocelot, the creeper will avoid approaching the player with 16 blocks of the ocelot.
  • Charged Creepers – If a creeper is struck by lightning it will become “charged” which will cause it’s explosive power to double, charged creepers should be avoided as they will cause 2x the damage then a regular creeper.