Tool: Torch

Name: Torch
Type: Tool, Item/Material
Source: Player, Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 4 Torches
1 Stick & 1 Coal


A torch is one of the most used tools in Minecraft and provides an easy for a player to light up an area at night as well as an underground chamber, tunnel or stairs.

An underground hallway is easier to see with torches.

Tool: Iron Pressure Plate

Name: Iron Pressure Plate
Type: Tool/Item
Source: Player/Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 1 Iron Pressure Plate
2 Iron Ingots


An Iron Pressure plate can be used to activate certain items; placed in front of a Iron or Wooden door will open the door automatically when the player steps on the Plate.

Trap Tip: You can create a trap by placing a TNT block in the ground the placing a pressure plate on top.  The TNT will not visibile when buried, is another player steps on the plate, the TNT is activated and….Ka-Boom!

Tool: Mine Cart

Name: Mine Cart
Type: Tool, Item/Material
Source: Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes
Crafting Recipe:  1 Mine Cart
5 Iron Ingots


Mine cart’s provide the fastest mode of transportation in the Minecraft.  When used with rails & powered rails the mine cart can be used to transport a player or a chest.  Adding furnace to a mine cart will create a powered mine cart; which can be used to “push” a “train” of mine carts.

Tool: Cauldron

Name: Cauldron
Type: Tool/Storage
Source: Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 1 Cauldron (Block)
7 Iron Ingots


A Cauldron can be stored to store up to 2 buckets of water, it is primarily used as a water storage block & can used to fill-up to 6 Water Potions. Using a Cauldron with a brewing stand is helpful when setting up a location to create potions.