Biome: Jungle

Jungles are a semi-rare biome which contains a high volume of trees, foilage, leaves, and water ponds and/or rivers.  Jungles can also spawn a Jungle Temple, which are one of the rarest spawns generated in a minecraft world.


Jungles contain thick trees & leaves which provide a good source of wood & lumber.


Abundant waterways appear in the jungle biome.


Animal: Cow

Cows occur in most grassland or wooded biomes, cows will drop raw beef and/or leather when killed.  If killed by flame or fire; cooked beef will be dropped.


Cows can be breed with the use of wheat (right-click) two or more cows in order breed a baby cow.  This is especially helpful when building a fenced in herd of cows.

Animal: Chicken

Chickens occur randomly in most biomes within Minecraft, chickens when killed will drop raw chicken and/or feathers.  If a chicken is killed by flame, it will drop cooked chicken.


Chickens drop Eggs at random while active in Minecraft, eggs is an ingredient to make a Cake.  Eggs can also be thrown (right-click) but do no damage to any mob or player that may be hit by them.  There is 5-15% chance that when an egg breaks on the ground; a baby chicken may hatch.

Food: Bread

Name: Bread
Type: Food
Source: Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 1 Bread
3 Wheat


Bread is a good staple food in Minecraft, wheat can be grown from wheat seeds which are obtains by cutting down tall grass.  By growing large fields of wheat or a garden, you’ll be able to create a large amount of wheat for crafting bread.


This field of wheat can make alot of bread!

Food: Baked Potato

Name: Baked Potato
Type: Food
Source: Furnace
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 1 Baked Potato
1 Baked Potato


Raw potato’s cooked in a furnace will create a baked potato,  baked potato eaten provide 3 health points.  This is an easy & efficient way to keep food for the player, especially if you maintain  potato garden.

Tool: Torch

Name: Torch
Type: Tool, Item/Material
Source: Player, Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 4 Torches
1 Stick & 1 Coal


A torch is one of the most used tools in Minecraft and provides an easy for a player to light up an area at night as well as an underground chamber, tunnel or stairs.

An underground hallway is easier to see with torches.