Block: Crafting Table

Name: Crafting Table
Type: Item/Block
Source: Crafting Table
Stackable/Qty: Yes (64)
Crafting Recipe: 1 Table
4 Wood Planks


The Crafting table is one of the most useful items in Minecraft, and should be one of the first items you create.  The receipe is simple, just use 4 planks to create the table.  Once it’s in your inventory place it to begin crafting items, tools, & weapons.

Countdown to 20 Million

As of June 24, 2015; PC sales for Minecraft were at 19,933,906.  According to the Minecraft stats page (here).  Based on 24 hour sales of 9,192 sales, Minecraft should reach 20 million in just over 7 days. The magic day will likely be Thursday July 2, 2015.  This is a unique milestone, no other game for the PC has ever reached these sales numbers, and there is no sign of slowing down.

Back in January 2015, PE edition sales (Android & iOS) reached 30 million, with PC sales reaching 18 million in December 2014.  While these numbers are huge, it’s proof that Minecraft is not just a fad.  The image below is a snapshot of the stats web page from October 18,2010.  Some of the comparisons are huge:


Registered Users back then were 1.3 Million, In 2014, that number was 100 million.

Players Online – 8,136 for 2010, In 2015 it was reported that any one time there were 1 million to 1.4 million players online.